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candiies's Journal

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Welcome to candiies, icon journal of _toxication. Feel free to browse around and take what you like as long as you follow the rules below:

1: Credit here when you use something from here. For icons, credit in keywords (don't know how? Tutorial here). For anything else, userinfo will be fine. (Or resources post if you took brushes or something.)

2: Please comment when you take something. The more you let me know you like something, the more I'll want to make it! :)

3: No direct linking.

4: Please don't edit graphics unless I say you can.

Britney Spears graphics are posted at her_prerogative.

Resources: here, here, & here

Want to affiliate? Have a question? Go here.

Feel free to join or friend, although only _toxicationwill have posting access.

Enjoy. :)

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